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Documentation to set up a simple macOS VM in QEMU, accelerated by KVM.

By: notAperson

The original maker is @FoxletFox, many others helped too. You can donate to him on Coinbase or Paypal!.

I did not make the download script, Kholia did.

New to macOS and KVM? Check the FAQs.

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5/19/2022 - New website look! Hope you like it!

4/27/2022 - This repository used to be attached to macOS-Simple-KVM as a fork, but do to a number of reasons I have decided to detach it. If this causes any problems, specifically in the git CLI, then feel free to post and issue and I will respond as soon as I can.

You must download or clone this GitHub repository before you begin Do not use forks of notAperson535/OneClick-macOS-Simple-KVM as I update this repository a lot, and forks are usually behind.

If you do not see files in this guide, or if you want to update your version, which I recommend doing at least one a month, run this command

git pull --rebase

If that throws an error, try this command

git pull origin master

Using This Repository

You have three options for using this repository, the manual method, the OneClick method, or installing on Windows.

Migrating (Coming from other repositories)

If you want to come from other repositories, the guide is here