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How to increase screen resolution

  1. In the macOS Finder, look for EFI in the left bar under Volumes. If it isn't visible you will have to mount it:
  • Open the macOS Terminal and type diskutil list and look for the disk/partition location of the EFI. (There may be more than one.)
  • Type sudo diskutil mount diskYsZ, using the disk/partition location name where you see EFI. It should look like this: image
  • The EFI partition will appear in the left Finder bar under Volumes.
  • If you don't see anything in that volume after browsing to it, try the other ones that you found in diskutil.
  1. In the EFI volume, go into the EFI directory and then the OC directory and open the config.plist file in the macOS text editor.
  2. There should be a section of the file that looks like this:
  • Edit that to your preferred screen resolution, but leave the @32 part as it is.
  • Some odd/intermediate resolutions like 1366×768 may not work well. Try to stick to more common 16:9, 16:10, and 4:3 form factors.
  1. Shut down the VM, relaunch it using script and follow the following steps:
  • Press Escape key as soon as the window comes up.
  • If you are using virt-manager, you may need to detach the USB keyboard to get to this screen. One you are done editing, re-add the USB keyboard and reboot
  • In the interface that comes up, select Device Manager->OVMF Platform Configuration->Change Preferred and select the correct resolution.
  • Press F10 to save the changes.
  • Press Escape multiple times to come back to main menu, and then select Continue on it.