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How to increase disk size

Close the VM before starting

First, on your host machine, run this command to add more space to the disk (warning: you can not make the disk smaller, only bigger, so don't make it to big.) In this case I am adding 100GBs of storage to my disk.

sudo qemu-img resize macOS.qcow2 +100G

Now reopen the VM, and then open the terminal in macOS, and run this command to find the main drive

diskutil list

it should look something like this

/dev/disk0 (internal, physical):
0: GUID_partition_scheme *268.4 GB disk0
1: EFI ⁨EFI⁩ 209.7 MB disk0s1
2: Apple_APFS ⁨Container disk2⁩ 85.7 GB disk0s2
(free space) 182.5 GB -

Next, run these commands, depending on your disk type.

For APFS disks (for most people)

diskutil repairdisk disk0
diskutil apfs resizeContainer disk0s2 0

For HFS or HFS+ disks

diskutil repairdisk disk0
diskutil resizeVolume / R