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Audio passthrough (without external card)

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If you want sound inside your macOS VM, whether with qemu or libvirt/virt-manager :

1) Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) :

  • On boot, select the recovery partition (arrow keys) and press enter to boot into it.
  • Open the Terminal.
  • Run the below command (choose either one) : csrutil disable or csrutil enable --without kext
  • Reboot your VM in macOS.

2) Download latest VoodooHDA kext from here :

3) Open the terminal application, run : sudo cp -R Downloads/VoodooHDA.kext /Library/Extensions (enter password when prompted).

4) Wait a few seconds, a popup should appear => "Open Security Preferences". 4a) If no popup, run : sudo kextutil -v /Library/Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext

5) If you did not click on the "Open Security Preferences", go to "Security & Privacy" section inside "System Settings application".

6) Allow "VoodooHDA" and restart.

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If you want sound to get working DO NOT execute the VM as root or you will encounter some alsa errors and you won't hear anything ! => Do not run "sudo ./" but simply "./"

Same issue with virt-manager : ensure your current user has the appropriate rights ! : sudo adduser $USER libvirt && sudo adduser $USER kvm && sudo adduser $USER libvirt-qemu